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About The Band

Back in 2011, friends Christian (bass), Francis (guitar) and Peter (guitar) joined forces to create something from the inspiration they built up since the heydays of the first punk wave. Blast! was born. A band cannot run on strings only, so musicians were found and replaced. Aiming to create songs that gather the best of punk, grunge and power rock of the last decades, it is probably not a coincidence that the right harmonies blasted through the rehearsal room after youngsters Matthias (drums) and Bert (vocals) had joined the band.


After 4 years of writing, rehearsing and increasing their fan base on stage with this line-up, the time was right to take a step forward. 2019 was all about the recording of first album ‘Vitamin W’ and kicking off with a new name, Anzium.


Sometimes with a message, sometimes with a smile, but always with a heart for melodic rock music that will move you, without detours. Anzium is an element that is found in rock compositions. No acid, no metal. Highly energetic, extremely radio-active.

Peter – wanted to start a band when he was born… had to wait to find the very right band members and finally could free his inpiration with Blast!/Anzium… Likes various kinds of rock and punk, but it should be in a way harmonic.

Francis – explored as a young teenager throughout libraries, record stores and radio on the left of the dial, roots and rock music that was not heard on the standard frequencies. Looked cool to me to play like the guys I liked. Got my first guitar after a student job... 30 years later, a voice said: 'Man, it's time to do something with those six strings...'

Christian – After a ten-years lead guitar sound struggle, I had a chance to join Peter and Francis for playing the magic 4 bass strings.

Huge adept of “less-is-more” and “plug-and-play”, the beautiful dark sound of a bass guitar seemed, while playing, to close my eyes but opened my mind by hearing every member of the band.

Matthias – Started as a classical percussionist and by the age of 14 a bigger interest in the more heavy stuff. Still active as classical percussionist, but has lots of fun with Anzium.

Bert – It took me years to find out I'm not a bass player. It took me years to find out I'm not a guitar player. I hope it will take me longer to find out I'm not a singer as I know already I will never be a drummer.

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